why should I consider a juice cleanse?

people choose to do a juice cleanse for all sorts of reasons, from kick-starting a new diet or exercise program to reducing inflammation or kickstarting a sluggish digestive tract. with juice cleansing, you will get results fast... you're most likely to feel great, lighter, and have a lot more clarity than before, and you'll shed a few unwanted pounds as well.

is doing a juice cleanse safe?

if you have any food allergies be sure to let us know, our preparation area is also used to prepare other recipes so if you have any doubts please ask. if you have other special dietary needs or you are pregnant or breastfeeding, cleansing is not recommended.

can i exercise while on the cleanse?

absolutely, you can continue to exercise throughout your cleanse, however whilst it is excellent for stimulating lymphatic drainage and encouraging healthy detoxification, please do listen to your body and do not go overboard.

will i experience any side effects?

it is 100% normal to feel tired after a couple of days on the cleanse and side effects can include lethargy and headaches. remember, your organs are working in overdrive to detox and flush out the toxins and rejuvenate themselves during this break you are giving them.

you will notice these symptoms will disappear after day three if not before, and ensuring you have adequate water intake in addition to your juicing should minimise most of these quite quickly.

what if i have a question?

if you have any other questions before or throughout your cleanse please contact us here